Unity Sand Ceremony Vase Set

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Part Number:US117
This elegant Together Forever Unity Sand Ceremony Vase Set is a unique alternative to the traditional unity candle. This keepsake set includes a large 10" vase, two smaller 6.75" vases and one tube of white and one tube of ivory sand, and one white rubber cap for the tall vase - everything you'll need to create a memorable unity ceremony. A silver chain wraps around the large vase and holds the charm, which is silver-plated with white epoxy. The words "Together Forever" and the icon below it are raised and shine with the surrounding light. This Together Forever Unity Sand Ceremony Vase Set truly captures the blending of two lives joined as one. Your love will never end throughout the years as this magnificent set can be placed as a trendy centerpiece in your own home. Sand Ceremony Set Includes: • 1 large vase • 2 smaller vases •White & tan sand is included.

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