3.25" X 9.75 " Hexagon clear glass Vase (12pcs/case)

On sale $59.99
Part Number:8-863GLS/1CL
Some people are born with a real flair for decorating. Can you image what you can do with our Hexagon Shape vases? Once you get a focal point and know your theme it is possible to incorporate Elegant Majestic Beauty with our tall vases. When people think of vases they usually think of the standard regular size vase for fresh flowers. There is so much more to the vase industry than the standard vase. Wow your guest with our haxagon collection.
There are so many different ways to decorate with tall vases. Professionals in the decorating field will welcome your questions and inquests about how and where to purchase the vase suited to your taste. Tall vessels are not ordinary anymore they are as unique as two snowflakes that are completely different.

Sizes available: 3.25 X 9.75"     3.5 x11.75"     4.25 X 15.75"

 Package 12pcs/cs

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