8 Hour Tealight Liquid Paraffin Fuel Cell (90pcs)

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Part Number:HD8 (90)
This fuel cell that will fit anywhere a regular tea light goes and will burn twice as long. It’s a bargain for clean candlelight without dripping candle mess

• Ideal where table/lighting space is at a premium.
• No wax mess to clean up. Clean simple operation.
• Eliminates thermal shock breakage commonly associated with the use of solid wax candles.
• Non-flammable liquid fuel
• .Cost just pennies per hour to burn.
• Package in the same non-flammable category as vegetable oil: NFPA Class IIIB combustible liquid. D.O.T. Regulations rate it non-hazardous.
 • Approved by all major fire departments for use in restaurants.

 Burn Time: 8 Hour
 Pack Case Pack: (90 units/case)
 Candle Height: 1.25 inches
 Candle Diameter: 1.50 inches

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