12 Hour Liquid Votive Fuel Cell (144pcs)

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Let us help you add a touch of class to your tabletops with our 12 Hour Liquid Votive. Let the gently soft glow of this votive liquid candle set the mood at your restaurant, bistro, bar, lounge, hotel or café. Allow us to bring ambiance lighting in your dining room without the danger and mess. Non-flammable liquid fuel eliminates thermal shock in your lamps and runs a clean simple operation so your tables don’t have to worry about being scorched by hot wax. These disposable fuel cells are designed to fit in the most votive sized candleholders and provides for two full nights of candlelight from one single sized votive cell.

Liquid fuel cell has become the face of the candle industry.

•  Ideal where table/lighting space is at a premium.
• No wax mess to clean up. Clean simple operation.
• Eliminates thermal shock breakage commonly associated with the use of solid wax candles.
• Non-flammable liquid fuel
• .Cost just pennies per hour to burn.
• Package in the same non-flammable category as vegetable oil: NFPA Class IIIB combustible liquid. D.O.T. Regulations rate it non-hazardous.
• Approved by all major fire departments for use in restaurants.

Case Pack: (144 units/case)
Candle Height: 1.25 inches
Candle Diameter: 1.97 inches
Burn Time: 12 Hours

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